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Non Profit Food Service Organization

Problem: The organization determined that ISO 9001 would provide the system to improve their current process but needed help understanding and implementing processes that would insure improvement in a challenging environment.
Solution: We developed and implemented a project plan using the format found in the downloads page.
Results: Read the August 2008 Quality Digest article to learn more of their success.

High-End Wood Products Manufacturer

Problem: The organization was looking for a system to maintain consistency and drive improvement.
Solution: We provided the training, strategy and direction using ISO 9001 as the foundation to build a strategic quality system.
Results: ISO 9001 is the foundation for continual improvement in their long-term strategic plan.

Corporate Restructuring

Problem: Assistance was needed to determine the worth of a company near bankruptcy.
Solution: We provided a systematic review of the operations and technology as part of the determination of the health of the organization and market place worth.
Results: Company was restructured, resumed public trading and is now clearly in the black.

Automotive Component Supplier

Problem: Organization was implementing ISO 9001 to increase market share       and improve processes but needed guidance to implement requirements
Solution: Cost share support with California State funds provided resources to provide guidance and internal audit support.
Results: ISO 9001 was completed using California State funding for our services resulting in no cash outlay for service.

Precision Semi-Conductor Tool Manufacturer

Problem: Limited resources, family run business needed assistance to improve quality, marketing and operations.
Solution: Cost share support with Federal Funds provided resources to drive several improvement initiatives.
Results: Company is seeing improvement in P/L, by completing ISO 9001 certification, operational improvements and realignment of marketing resources.

Equipment Lease and Rental Company

Problem: The organization wanted to transition to ISO 9001:2000 previously working with us to complete ISO 9002 certification
Solution: We provided the training, strategy and direction to focus the project
Results: Transition was completed in 3 months

Fortune 500 Division

Problem: Reoccurring product and process problems continued to plague the organization hampering productivity and impacting Customer satisfaction.
Solution: An 8-step quality improvement program was implemented to address chronic problems and promote continuous improvement that involved multiple departments.
Results: None of the 18 initiatives under this program have reoccurred.

Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer

Problem: Organization struggled for 2.5 years, unable to implement ISO 9001. Implementation team of 15 had been in place for over a year.
Solution: Meeting with the ISO implementation team, it was evident that Senior Management required assistance understanding the requirements of the standard along with understanding their role in the registration process. A workshop was held with the Executive Team and an implementation strategy was developed.
Results: ISO 9001 certification completed.

Startup Internet Company

Problem: Overnight this company became the #1 customer of the San Jose US Postal Service. This rapid growth led to inconsistencies in quality sampling methods.
Solution: Develop/upgrade the skill set of the auditors to effectively use sampling plans and proper auditing techniques.
Results: The audit team now has the proper tool set to consistently conduct product sample audits.

High Volume Fortune 500 Division

Problem: Organization recognized the need to upgrade their quality systems but lacked the necessary improvement information or direction.
Solution: An in-depth Gap Analysis was performed to establish a template for continuous improvement.
Results: Quality Organization has a detailed format and is using it to update their process control and quality systems.

Fortune 500 Division

Problem: Start-up organization needed to staff and build a Quality Management System.
Solution: Hired staff, developed initial quality systems, provide ongoing support
Results: The organization has the foundation to build a quality system and ongoing support from Navarro Consulting as needed to develop strategies and build systems.

Fortune 500 Division

Problem: Supplier Program lacked organization and direction.
Solution: Organize a strategic partnership between commodity management and Supplier Quality Engineering.
Results: Millions of dollars were saved by focused efforts in line scrap reduction and supplier pricing concessions.

High-Tech International Company

Problem: Customer manufacturing site qualifications in Malaysia , Korea and Italy required a seamless Quality system consistent at all locations.
Solution: Implement a concise and thorough Quality Plan at all sites.
Results: Qualified strategic Customers allowing greater manufacturing and shipping flexibility completed Qualification.




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